Library News


Wednesday, March 18th and Thursday, March 19th Poultney Public Library will be having a trial run for outdoor pick-up of library materials to help determine if such a service will be feasible during our shut-down.

Important Note: All books and DVDs being returned to the library will be put in “quarantine” for one week. Before they are shelved, plastic covers will be cleaned with disinfectant. Current data indicates that these measures should kill any coronavirus to which the materials may have been exposed, but we cannot guarantee lack of contamination.

How will outdoor pick-up work?

1- Call 802-287-5556, email, or text 802-884-4544 to request books and movies. If you leave a voicemail, email, or text make sure to leave your name! Requests can be by title, author, or genre. Request a few extra, as your first choices may not be available! You can check our online catalog at but keep in mind this will not be 100% accurate due to the quarantine process.

2- Our pick up times for the trial will be Wednesday, March 18th from 3-5pm and Thursday, March 19th from 11am-1pm. When you request your materials, you will need to specify which day you are coming.

3- We will check your items out to your account, pack them in bags or boxes, and write your name on the outside. They will be available on a table outside the library during the above stated times. Simply drop your returns in the book return bin, and pick up your package. Any materials requested but not retrieved during the pick-up time period will be brought back into the library and returned into circulation.

March 13, 2020 Update:

As Poultney Maple Fest has been postponed, we will not be having Maple Fest Story Time on Saturday, March 21.

At this time, we anticipate holding all other programs as scheduled. We will be having Book Discussion tomorrow at 9am, and the Girl Scouts will be holding their cookie sale at the library from 10am-12pm.

We will not be sending overdue reminders, and therefore will not be charging fees for said reminders, until further notice. While we would appreciate materials returned in a timely manner whenever possible, we do not want anyone that may be ill or at high risk for contracting illness to feel pressured to come to the library.

We are continuing cleaning and disinfecting protocols outlined earlier in the week in hopes of minimizing risk of illness at the library.

Don’t forget that we have downloadable audio books and ebooks available through our website if you are unable to come into the library. If you would like to renew library materials you can do so by logging into your account in our online catalog, by calling the library at 802-287-5556, or by emailing

We will continue to post updates on Facebook and in the “latest news” section of our website as the situation evolves.

March 12, 2020 Update:

The Vermont Department of Libraries has a wonderful reference page for information on COVID-19 with links to VT Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and more. It is a great resource for up to date information.

Poultney Public Library Clarification on “Library Expansion Phase II” Fundraising

            Recently we have received multiple questions about a local fundraiser. As the fundraiser in question is called “Library Expansion Phase II”, many people assume it is intended as a follow up to the recent expansion and renovation at the Poultney Public Library. However this project is not related to the Poultney Public Library, but is instead an initiative of the Welsh American Genealogical Society (WAGS).

            For more information about WAGS please visit their website at

            If you wish to support the Poultney Public Library, donations are always accepted and may be earmarked for a specific purpose (eg. Children’s Books, Building Improvements, DVDs, Programs, etc.).