Minutes of the July 19, 2016 meeting.

Meeting opened at 6:44 pm.

Present were: Rebecca Cook, Ennis Duling, Jean Davis, Nancy Luzer, Jean Roberts, Bruce Williams.

Minutes of the April meeting were read and accepted.

Book sale total was $1206.50 with 23 boxes of books left over.  These were donated to the Wells Library for their sale (the librarians having come to ours looking to purchase books for theirs).

The kayak that Beth Williams donated raised $1207.  She indicated that she would like to donate another kayak in the spring to help us out again.

Now that construction is underway, Rebecca has been talking to the fundraising committee in regards to raising money for things that weren’t thought of until now.  This includes blinds or shades for all the new windows and the windows upstairs and down that face west; more large print books as we will have more room for them; more laptops; supplementing the Mary Mazur donations to be able to purchase another computer for the children’s room.  The committee is looking into organizations and businesses that we have not received from or contacted in the past.

Rebecca passed out the general account.  End of the year left us only $268.97 in the hole.  She did some awesome juggling with salaries which helped tremendously. Special accounts looked fine.   Circulation is up in everything.

Rebecca passed out some furniture ideas for us to peruse.  We discussed carpet and paint options.

The Department of Libraries is looking into the possibility of giving us equipment for video conferencing from leftover fiber optic funding.

The programming room will need a written policy regarding its use by members of the public.  We will have ideas for this at our next meeting.  Meanwhile, Rebecca will let interested groups know that it will not be ready until the first of the year.

Once construction is completed we will have a Grand Opening celebration, with music, food, ribbon cutting, etc.  Rebecca wants to have a full week of programs to highly the use of the new space.

Erin Frappier has been hired to work 10 hours per week.  Denise is now working 18 hours.  Racheal, as our assistant librarian is working 23.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Next meeting to be held Oct. 18 at 6:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Roberts