Minutes of the April 18, 2017 meeting.

Present were Rebecca Cook, Jean Davis, Ennis Duling, Nancy Luzer, Jean Roberts and Bruce Williams.

Meeting started at 6:29 pm.

The January minutes were read and accepted. Follow ups to those minutes included:
150 people came to our Grand Re-Opening. The door counter was found and a second one ordered for the side door. The phrase “front door replacement” actually means refurbishing and fitting our old door with hardware to make it easier to open, refurbishing the door to the upstairs and other entryway renovations. Bruce and Rebecca are waiting to hear from the town manager on how much money we have left from our renovations. In anticipation of these monies, Rebecca has made a list of items and “to do” things that we have previously spoken about which these funds would be used for. The state still has not sent our video conferencing items.

Rebecca passed out the general account. The newly hired bookkeeper is having a difficult time keeping up with our library business. As she was unable to give us our quarterly general account, the one Rebecca handed out was generated by the librarian herself from her own ledger.

The special account looked fine.

Circulation numbers are up, registrations are up and again, the computer use numbers were not accurate due to staff inattention to record use properly. Rebecca has addressed this lapse with her staff.
Patron count averaged 458 per week.

Book sale will be July 1.

Both the man who made a fancy birdhouse for us to raffle last year and the woman who donated a new kayak for the same purpose, want to donate items again this year. The raffle proceeds will be restricted for library use.

The petition policy will be that only petitions for balloted items or people, that is, things that will be decided by vote, these petitions will be allowed to be left in the library for patrons to sign. Any other will not.

The next meeting will be July 18, 2017.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Roberts