Minutes of the September 9, 2014 special meeting.

Present were: Rob Geiszler, Rebecca Cook, Jean Davis, Ennis Duling, Nancy Luzer, Jean Roberts, Bruce Williams, Pat Quinn, Jon Harrison and Mary McNeil.

Rob opened the meeting at 6:35 pm by speaking on the duty of the Trustees to fundraise. He then went on to explain how the best way to raise money quickly is to look for Major Donors. These are people who live in the area and are able to give substantial amounts of money. He outlined the steps to follow to do this.
1. Cultivate a list of who you know and who you would like to know of potentially wealthy folks
2. Have a clear sales pitch
3. Have a VIP to kick off the campaign and lead others to give
4. Cultivate the donors themselves
a. Stress substantial and lasting gifts and what the gift would do
5. Listen to your donors at every step
6. Have a clear statement of purpose and don’t be afraid to ask for large amounts
7. Make sure you know what is unique about PPL
8. Thank constantly. Thank even if denied. Thank about 7 times over the next year. Make sure the amount that was donated is stated in the first thank you.

Having a brochure is a good idea also.
After Rob finished we began our meeting.

The minutes of the August 8 meeting were read and approved. Ennis moved and Jean D. seconded. Approval was unanimous.
Rebecca outlined the idea of the Capital Campaign Committee (CCC) choosing their own leader, secretary and treasurer. We will need a liaison between the CCC and the trustees. Pat Quinn spoke on the need for sophistication and tact in dealing with individuals. Jon spoke of the advantage of having a large function to gather a number of donors at one time. It was decided the CCC will meet Sept.17, if the two missing members are able to attend, and work out the details of their goals. The trustees will then meet with the group again on Sept. 23 at 6:30 pm.

At 8:10 the Capital Campaign Committee left and the trustees continued with the Rebecca handing out the corrected circ total from the last quarter and the patron statistics.

We then signed the form that will allow Rebecca to finally get a credit card for the Library.

Rebecca showed us her version of the blueprints that Ralph has done. In this plan she has kept the old bathroom, reworked the office area by taking out half of the wall to open up that space for the teens and putting a partition back towards the current sink area for a bit of office space, removed the sink form that area, moved the circ desk to the front door area and put the children’s space where the circ desk is now. This is much more in keeping with the idea that we have had. It does not address the selectboard’s concerns about side entrances or the extra bathroom. We will continue to all try to think of a solution to their anxieties in an “outside the box” manner.
Jean R. then told how she had been searching the old minutes for references to the Lincoln letter. It was hoped she could find that we had actually had it appraised. As she found nothing, Ennis thinks he must have the references at his home as he recalls actually getting responses from his inquiries. It is felt by all that if this letter is indeed worth something, now is the time to sell it and use the money toward our project.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Roberts