November 17, 2014

Minutes of the November 17, 2014 meeting.

Meeting opened at 6:45 pm.
Present were: Rebecca Cook, Jean Davis, Ennis Duling, Nancy Luzer, Jean Roberts and Bruce Williams.

The minutes of the Capital Campaign’s last meeting were read so that all would know how they were progressing.

The names and addresses of the High School alumni from 1937 to 1990 have been obtained for the purpose of sending appeals letters. They will be cross checked against the tax base list to ensure that there will not be duplicate mailings, as many alumni still live in the area.

Barb Scott is gathering info from larger corporations in regards to grants and straight donations. Some will not do the actual Capital Campaign but will fund things that are need afterwards, such as furnishings, etc.

Rebecca is working on the March 14th pi race. She will have the shop here in Poultney print tee shirts for the event with sponsor’s names printed on the back.

Ruth Larkin is working on securing the Gorge at GMC for the basket party to be held either late March or early April.

Rebecca talked about the idea of doing Go Fund Me as a way to use social media for donations. She feels many young adults like the idea of contributing online. As Rob Geizler does not think this is illegal, the trustees thought she should look into it for us, as it seems like even if we only got a few dollars it would be a few more that we could use.

Ennis told of the formal offer of $15,000 from Nathan Raab for the Lincoln letter. He would like to know as soon as possible if we were interested. Ennis moved that we accept the offer, Jean Davis seconded and all were in favor. Ennis will contact Raab and find out the procedure for sending the letter to him in Philadelphia.

Rebecca passed out copies of the appeals letter, revised. Trustees will stop by the library and sign letters for people that they are friendly with.

Meeting ended at 7:30 pm.
Next meeting is set for December 2, at 6:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Roberts