Minutes of the July 30, 2015 meeting.

Present were Rebecca Cook, Jean Davis, Ennis Duling, Nancy Luzer, Jean Roberts, and Bruce Williams.

Meeting opened at 6:30 pm.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted.

The fundraiser with Subway fell through. Instead, the Trolley Stop here on Main Street stepped in and offered 15% of meals eaten on the chosen day with the Library coupon. We made $250 from that venture. It will be done again with the Lake St. Catherine Country Club on Aug. 31 from 4-8 pm.

We have given the Town $83,212.97 so far from CDs and the Building fund, towards our committed $100,000. The monies raised now will be put towards any extra costs, the remainder to go towards reducing the bond.

Modern Woodsmen put on an all night Bingo for us. They had hoped to raise $2500 which would be matched by their parent organization so that they would donate $5000 to us. However, we have not heard from them yet as to the dollar amount they raised.

There will be an art and rare book auction on August 21 from 6-8 pm. We will have a silent auction and dessert food for sale. Peter Huntoon will do a demo of water color painting. Kerry Furlani may do some slate carving, also.

The upstairs apartment, although ours to use, still does not have the electricity turned on. Jonas has been asked several times to see to this. Meanwhile, Rebecca has begun to renovate the space for our needs by painting the walls in bright colors.

Rebecca handed out the General Account. The ending year balance was only over by $1073.52, which everyone felt was remarkable, given the employee benefit line being so wrong. Kudos to Mrs. Cook!

The Special account has more left over than usual as we wanted to be ready in case construction was started.

Jean D. passed out the Invested Funds sheet. We should have about $100,000 left after we fulfill our obligation for building.

Circulation was up, computer use down, registration up and patron count was an average of 465 per week, this quarter.

Fines did change on July 1 to no complaints. Yet.

Summer reading programs are well attended, from preschool story hour to the teens.

The air conditioners are failing. The one in the adult room is gone; the other will probably follow soon. They are not repairable, and in light of our upcoming construction, it is not worth investing in new ones.
There was much discussion over Book Sale. Bruce was concerned about the amount of work we do, only to hand it all over to the Town. Jean R. was concerned about the amount of time Rebecca spends dealing with books when she should be doing Library things. We talked about how to handle large quantity of donations, as in truck loads. In the end we decided to have Rebecca write a policy that says truckloads need prior approval and an appointment to be accepted. Then she will be able to call upon volunteers to unload and bring upstairs for storage. The trustees will also set up a regular time to sort through donations as they come in so that we don’t have a big rush to do so the week before the sale. We made $1853.50 that day, and have sold more books since that time.

We are still waiting on the USDA to let us put out to bid. They are funding our bond, so are being very picky about the details.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Next meeting on October 20, 2015.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Roberts