Poultney Public Library

Meeting opened at 6:30 pm.

Present were: Rebecca Cook, Jean Davis, Ennis Duling, Nancy Luzer, Jean Roberts and Bruce Williams.

Minutes of the December 2, 2014 meeting were read and accepted.

In old news, we will not renew the rental on our safe deposit box as it is now emptied.

Rebecca passed out the general account for the second quarter, the special account and statistics. There was nothing startling in these reports. It was noted that statistics showed circulation down and computer use up.

In the building project we now have $145,262 which includes our seed money, the $15,000 raised by the sale of the Lincoln letter, and donations. The Select Board has promised $100,000. Jonas is working on the USDA grant. The Capital Campaign Committee has applied for some grants and has been working on collecting donations. Rebecca has been working on many grants, including the Hills and Hollows which has two parts—a large one of $5,000 and a smaller $250. She can apply to both. She is also going to write up a short synopsis of where the money is going to go once we start the building, as she has had inquiries on how the money is to be spent. The judge of the poetry contest was impressed with our young people’s entries and felt that he wanted to award a first prize to an adult and a youth. Toward that end he gave us a check to cover both prizes, a wonderful donation for which we are very grateful.
We received an unspecified $1,000 check donation. As of this evening, Rebecca was struggling to finish grant applications in time for a very specific project called 3doodler. This is a chance to purchase start up materials for 3D drawing for multiple users at a discount price of $1,000, if purchased by the end of this week. Jean D. made a motion that the Librarian use the money from the donation for the 3doodler start up kit. Nancy seconded and all were in favor. We feel that it will be a good use of this timely donation. Now Rebecca can continue the grant writing with other goals in mind. The 3doodler will be part of our teen programing this summer, as well as used for other things.

The trustees were asked to think about formulating a policy for storm closures. It has always been at the Librarian’s discretion. It may be time for a written guideline.

The entire board will attend Town Meeting Day on March 2 to promote our building project. Rebecca has been asked to show our video presentation.

Our next meeting will be April 21, 2015

Meeting adjourned at 7:21 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Roberts