AUGUST 6, 2014

Minutes of the August 6, 2014 meeting, opened at 6:30 pm.

Present were: Jean Davis, Ennis Duling, Nancy Luzer, Jean Roberts, Bruce Williams and Librarian Rebecca Cook.

Bruce has spoken to the Town Manager, Jonas, about the proposed library plans, including the amount needed to fund the project. Jonas was concerned about the total and suggested ways we could attempt to cut costs. The board feels that to try to trim the costs before we even have an idea if we can raise the money is not in our best interests. Therefore we are going to proceed with the Capital Campaign project. We feel that in a very few months we will have an idea of how the fund raising is going to go.

Rebecca has a list of rules and guidelines for the Capital Campaign committee. We will encourage the group to pick a chair person, secretary and someone to receive incoming money. She will contact her top six candidates from her list. If one of these declines the invitation, she will move on to the next on her list of possible volunteers until we have six people for the committee before the end of the month.

Once we know the timeline for applying for grant monies, we will proceed on that front.

Ennis will look into the cost of professionally printing a Campaign brochure.
Rebecca shared her rough draft of the appeal letter to be sent to all the households on Sept. 1. Once she has edited it to include our suggestions, she will give a copy to Bruce who will take it to Jonas in order that he is kept informed of our movements. At that time Bruce will ask when we can meet with the Select board, and also inquire again about the possibility of the library using the upstairs apartment when it becomes vacant at the end of the month. We feel that utilizing that space for staff use only, and for storage is highly preferable to using the damp basement for the same things.

Town Wide Yard Sale is on Oct. 11, at which time we will have two spaces out in front of the Library to hand out information about our building project and also to sell items no longer used/needed and even some books.

Our next meeting concerning the building project will be held Sept. 9 at 6:30 pm.

The meeting ended at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Roberts