Building Project

The Poultney Public Library has launched a capital campaign to make necessary repairs to the library building and to build an addition to better meet the needs of Poultney residents.  Check back regularly for up to date information on library fundraisers as we work to reach our goal!


As Town Meeting Day approaches, we wanted to update you on the Poultney Public Library Building Project, and ask that the voters of Poultney consider supporting this important endeavor.

The Poultney Public Library has an item for consideration on the March 3, 2015 ballot.  We are item 5 on the warning, which states:

“Shall general obligation bonds of the Town of Poultney in an amount not to exceed Four Hundred Ninety-Eight Thousand Dollars ($498,000), subject to reduction from available state and federal grants-in-aid, available reserves, public fund-raising ($150,000), and to authorize the use of the General Government surplus ($100,000), be issue to finance the cost of making library repairs and additions, the aggregate estimated cost of such improvements being Four Hundred Ninety-Eight Thousand Dollars ($498,000).”

As mentioned in the warning, the estimated cost of this entire project is $498,000.  So far the Library has been able to raise over $150,000 through fundraising and donations.  If the proposed $100,000 from the general government surplus is added to this, then we will have over half the funds needed for the library building project.  While the warning must state the total project estimate, these funds will decrease the total amount that must be secured through a bond.  We will continue grant writing and fundraising throughout this project, as well.

 We want to make sure that any questions you may have about this project, and the warning, are answered.  In short, the $498,000 estimate for the building project includes necessary repairs to the existing library structure plus a much-needed 1,400 square foot addition.

The repairs include updating our outdated heating and cooling system, replacing the leaky roof over the back room, insulating the back room, adding structural support to the front room of the library, and adding more electrical outlets to accommodate modern technology.  The addition will allow us to gain over 100 linear feet of additional shelving, additional seating and study tables, and a separate space for library programming.

If you have any questions, please contact the library by email at, by phone at 802-287-5556, or stop by during business hours.